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Behavior Specialist Services
Oregon Intervention Systems Training

What are Professional Behavior Services?

A qualified Behavior Professional delivers Professional Behavior Services in any Home and Community Based Setting (HCBS). Professional Behavior Services are limited to:
• Creating a Temporary Emergency Safety Plan, when one is needed;
• Creating a Functional Behavior Assessment;
• Creating, implementing, and the initial training of a Positive Behavior Support Plan, when the Functional Behavior Assessment indicates the need for a functional alternative behavior;
• Maintaining the Positive Behavior Support Plan, when the Positive Behavior Support Plan indicates the need for maintenance.

What are Oregon Intervention Systems?

Oregon Intervention System (OIS) is Oregon's system of training and implementing the principles of Positive Behavior Support and Intervention for people who support adults and children with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities who may display challenging behaviors.

With evidenced based system to assist Designated Persons in understanding, preventing, and responding to behavior, through Positive Behavior Support

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Julie Wadkins
Behavior Professional

Since 2003, Julie has provided personalized supports for adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities, behavior disorders, autism, traumatic brain injury and other neurological disorders.

 In 2013, Julie completed OTAC's Behavior Professional Mentorship Program, which qualifies her to write Functional Behavior Assessments and Positive Behavior Support Plans.

Since 2019, Julie has been approved by the OIS Steering Committee to write Positive Behavior Support Plans and Protective Physical Interventions for them. This also gives her the authorization to teach those techniques to whomever will be performing them.

Adam Barber
OIS Instructor

Adam is a qualified OIS Instructor at the Independent Mentor Status.  This enables him to provide full supports to our Star of Hope team while also affording him the opportunity to mentor other instructors throughout the state. These credentials are of importance  for the safety and quality of care of our supported individuals. Adam strives to reach higher levels for his instructor status to help spread quality instruction – his goal is to ensure we have a proactive support team of professionals providing safe and appropriate interventions.   Adam has five years total experience in teaching and is anticipating reaching the Master status in 2022.     

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If you are interested in this program, please contact
Julie Wadkins at 541-888-8893 Ext. 225.

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