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Supported Employment

In Supported Employment, our goal is to facilitate the easiest transitions into the workforce. Helping individuals with disabilities identify what their abilities are, and how to build new ones. We match the needs in the workplace with individuals who can fill those needs.


We provide support to individuals from beginning the employment process, through obtaining a job, to transitioning away from job coaching. Supported Employment is invested in helping both the individuals we support and the community as a whole.

Our Support Employment Program has several sections to offer comprehensive assistance in finding gainful employment in the community, listed below.

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A short term program of self exploration to find an individual's skills, interests, and talents.

Employment Path

Classes designed to get an individual ready for the workplace, from work place relationships, to reading a paycheck.

Star of Hope - Supported Employment Muse

Job Development

Individual support in identifying workplaces that match a person's skills with an employer's needs.

Job Coaching

Once on the job a job coach will assist with learning the new tasks and support the transition to work.

If you are interested in this program, please call

Diane Johnson at 541-267-7804 Ext. 224

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