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Supported Living Program

Supported Living's passion is to provide the best home and community based assistance to those living independently. We tailor our supports to the individual with trained staff that can be available 24 hours a day.



We also help the person build and maintain personal relationships by scheduling  peer building or learning activities. Our support staff looks forward to assisting with activities, to make the client's day easier and more enjoyable.

Our staff offer a variety of services, as well as teaching valuable living skills including:

  • Emergency Response Skills

  • Covering Medical Needs including: medications, record keeping, and medical appointments

  • Meal planning, shopping, and preparation

  • Laundry and household cleaning skills

  • Financial training to help with budgeting and bill paying

  • Housing search and transition assistance

  • Developing new skills

  • Health and safety at home

  • Evaluations of supports needed at home

  • Quarterly evaluations to monitor progress and on-going needs.

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